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Working method

By applying a.o. new selection techniques the basis for new varieties with unique characteristics that surpass existing varieties is being formed. Through our trials in Germany, England and France and through collaboration with various partners at International level, the knowledge and the field of activity is broadened considerably. At an early stage, seed of potential varieties will be send to National and International partners / customers to assess the quantitative and qualitative characteristics. Particularly research in the area of disease resistance and quality is done more and more. The varieties whose results are promising, will be multiplicated by our company in Dronten. If the varieties are admitted to a National List/Recommended List, they are eligible for commercialisation. The Dutch Recommendation List contains a selection of varieties of crops that are important to grow in the Netherlands. These varieties have been extensively tested for their agricultural value. Based on this information farmers can make a specific choice that suits their specific business circumstances the best.




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